Troubleshooting your car's computer

In order to determine the extent of your issues, let Monkey Wrench Garage run a complete diagnostic check on your vehicle. ASE-certified technicians can then offer you the repair options you need to consider. We are conveniently located in Springfield, OH.


All diagnostic and electrical work at Monkey Wrench Garage is performed by one of two on-site master mechanics.


Call 937-717-9031 or stop by 704 S Burnett Road today and ask about estimates and a full, 90-day parts and labor warranty!

Experienced auto electronics service

  • Airbag and restraint systems

  • Alarms/GPS/Tracking (security)

  • Alternators, batteries, starters

  • Check engine light

  • Sound systems

  • Windshield wiper motors

  • Wiring

Check Engine Light On?

Pinpoint your car troubles with expert diagnostics

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